2/150 Stirling HWY

Nedlands, WA 6009 


Tel: 0438044937

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Fitness for mental health

  • Personal Training

    45 min


  • 30 min PT

    30 min


  • Two on one

    45 min


  • Weekly Lifestyle Coaching

    1 h

    Prices vary

  • Online Coaching

    1 h


  • Goal Setting Session

    30 min


  • TML Project

    1 h

    Prices Vary




"Daphne is an amazing personal trainer. She is very motivating, without being annoying. She is incredibly responsible, she was always on time or early for our sessions. I also felt like she cared about me as a person - I cannot believe the tiny details of my life she remembered!"

Elizabeth Gulland

"Daphne has been a tremendous help to me since I started training with her in April last year. After finishing my studies last year, I wanted to build up my fitness & health and improve my competitive sabre fencing.
Daphne has enthused about researching my sport to keep my training directly useful - and she knows when to encourage and when to push me! I find that I've been enjoying sessions as well as seeing great results."


I have been training with The Mood Lifter for a few months now. My favourite thing about her is that she is really encouraging and motivating. When I think I can only do 10 reps, she is pushing me to do 12. I am really glad I am training with her and will continue for as long as I can!