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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Everybody knows that physical activity is good for you. Exercise can help reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Research shows that regular exercisers have better mental health, emotional wellbeing and lower rates of mental illness.

For instance, a 2017 exA study published in the General Journal for Psychiatry has shown that 80% of participants receiving treatment in a mental health clinic reported an improvement in general mood and anxiety following physical exercise.

There is mounting evidence that suggests exercise is an effective treatment method for people suffering from acute and chronic mental illness, with some studies suggesting that exercise is just as effective, if not more effective than pharmacological intervention in alleviating depressive symptoms.

Benefits of exercise:

  • Sharper memory and thinking

  • Resilience

  • Self Esteem

  • Improved energy

  • Better sleep

  • Motivation

  • Overall health

  • Reduce risk of illness

  • Improved body image


As fitness has played such a big role in my life, I want to inspire others to create a happier and healthier lifestyle for themselves.

My approach to exercise is unique to the fitness industry. I focus on the positive effects of exercise on your mental well-being rather than fat loss or counting calories. This way I change your view on fitness and make it sustainable and fun in the long run (plus you will get results).

My programming is individualised and personalised to create the best suiting lifestyle for you.

  • CERT 3&4 in FITNESS.

  • First Aid & CPR

  • Graphic Designer

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