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Lose fat fast, abs in six weeks, how to lose 5kg per week

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

28 day 'fat loss challenge', 10 tips to lose fat fast, How to lose weight fast, best ways to burn fat, be skinny.

Recognise these titles? I am pretty confident that you have either googled them or have seen them at your local gym as 'advertisement'. I totally understand that this is your motivation to get yourself to the gym. That's why I started. I totally get it.

Little do you know that once you finish the challenge, you have lost some fat. With that fat, you have also lost your motivation. What do you mean? I have to keep exercising, not eating carbs, more protein, no sugar, no alcohol, no eating out, meal prep, no life, no fun, for the rest of my life?! STUFF THAT!

Guess what?

You are back at your starting point until you decide to start this cycle again.

(You were hoping I was going to tell you the secret to quick fat loss right? ;))

What are we suppose to do then?

Human beings don't like to take things slow. It is all or nothing and we want to see results tomorrow. We focus on diet and exercise all at once.

Did you know that you don't even need to visit the gym if you want to lose fat? Abs are made in the kitchen (another one of those cliches).

Obviously I promote exercise, but if you have never trained before, please start with going to the gym (or any exercise) twice a week. Slowly increase that whenever you are ready for it.

Once you feel comfortable in the gym, you can look at your diet. Make small changes. See what works for you. Forget about fat loss! Yep, you read that right. Forget about fat loss.

We are talking about health. We exercise for our health, we eat for our health.

Shifting your focus and enjoying the journey you are on, is sustainable and maintainable. We want to exercise for the rest of our lives. Not because we want to lose fat or fit in those shorts. We want to stay mobile, play with the kids or grandkids. We want to recover quicker when we are ill or even prevent diseases. And hey, exercise is great for anxiety and it boosts your confidence. Why wouldn't you want to train? ;)

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